A Year in Review – 2015

For me, 2015 has been an accumulation of blessings. Here are my top 15.


  1. Blessed with a beautiful supportive wife – Sandy loved, honored, and encouraged me daily.
  2. Blessed with three wonderful and bright children – Jean, Ken and Steve each in their unique way showed their love and respect for their parents. Though we may be on varying paths politically, culturally, even spiritually, we tolerated and lifted each other up.
  3. Blessed with the almost-daily opportunity to minister into the lives of each of my grandchildren. I’ve witnessed first-hand Nick’s ever-increasing victories over life’s challenges, Lawson’s and Leah’s maturation in sports, music, the arts and dance, and have been privileged to contribute to all three’s spiritual growth.
  4. Blessed to witness my children and grandchildren show love, compassion and encouragement to their grandmother/great-grandmother as she struggled health-wise – then to help her enter her eternal reward with a smile on her face and a song in her heart.
  5. Blessed with the privilege of praying for and providing peace and comfort to my good friend Tom prior to his spirit’s ascent to heaven.
  6. Blessed to be asked to lead worship for People for Jesus.
  7. Blessed to be a part of an active and caring congregation at Grace Christian Church and its many outreaches to the local community.
  8. Blessed by my pastors and my God to be allowed to minister to broken people – to see lives changed, marriages patched up, and bodies, emotions, attitudes and spirits healed.
  9. Blessed to be a part of the Saturday morning men’s prayer group.
  10. Blessed with the finances to live a comfortable life, to help my children, and to contribute to the needs of hurting people around the globe.
  11. Blessed to attend my grand-nephew’s wedding in Maryland and to renew acquaintances with my brother Richard’s extended family.
  12. Blessed to be asked to dedicate my neighbor’s son to His Lord and Savior Jesus.
  13. Blessed to be asked to perform the marriage of my cousin Tiffiny to Bruce.
  14. Blessed to see my fourth book published, and for the creative and inspirational thoughts to maintain an almost-weekly blog.
  15. Blessed by old friends who have renewed acquaintances and many new friends I’ve met on social media, through my church, or even just walking around the neighborhood or the mall.

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