A God of Second Chances

How many of you have made a mistake or two in your past. The ones that haunt me the most, even to this day, are my shortfalls I made in raising my kids. My parents were my greatest influence for the first seven years of my child-rearing experience. They were very strict with my brother… Continue reading A God of Second Chances

Don’t tune out the Message because of an imperfect Messenger

A couple weeks ago during chapel service at the Bible College where I’m an instructor, I came close to missing out on a word from God, all because of my superficial assessment of the messenger. I realized that time constraints were at least partly to blame for what I felt was a slip-shod presentation. After… Continue reading Don’t tune out the Message because of an imperfect Messenger

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Another’s Shoes

In one of my favorite parables, Jesus contrasts the humility of a corrupt tax collector who pleaded for mercy before God, with that of a self-righteousness religious leader who was so obsessed with his own virtue that he failed to recognize his own need for repentance. (Luke 18:9-14)  I have never had trouble seeing the… Continue reading Another’s Shoes

You can’t handle the Truth

This past Saturday I attended a luncheon where a young friend spoke. His message began with a reference to a Jack Nicholson line from the 1992 movie A Few Good Men. In response to the defense lawyer’s demand “I want the truth!” USMC Colonel Jessup shouts. “You can’t handle the truth!” Nearly twenty-nine centuries have… Continue reading You can’t handle the Truth

Hate is a Heart Thing

 Our society seems obsessed with hate and tries to legislate it away, with laws against hate speech, hate crimes, you name it. This tactic only fills up prisons and cemeteries, because it fails to address the root of the problem. Hate is a heart thing and the only One who can heal a hate-filled heart… Continue reading Hate is a Heart Thing

Your Life Matters

Everyone wants to “make a difference” in their brief time on this earth. This is true of the intensely spiritual person – but it’s also true of the one who doesn’t acknowledge any form of supernatural realm. Every person who has ever come to me for counsel has exposed that, at the root of their… Continue reading Your Life Matters

Complaining about a depraved culture solves nothing

People use social media for a variety of purposes, from sharing family adventures, to selling products and ideas, to venting about politics and social issues. While each person has the freedom to do whatever they like with their personal FaceBook page, sometimes we need to be reminded that there’s a better way. One of the… Continue reading Complaining about a depraved culture solves nothing