Traditions, Tombs and Tomes

There’s a great ongoing debate on the value and propriety of preserving selective manmade reminders of our national heritage. In a diverse society such as our own, there are bound to be some major differences of opinion on this subject – so whose opinion should win out? Should the offended segment of our society always… Continue reading Traditions, Tombs and Tomes

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Neither Conservatism nor Liberalism is a Virtue

  How would you describe Western conservatism and liberalism to a visitor from another planet? Some would designate each a political mindset, others a social and/or fiscal construct, and still others a belief system guided by which personal decisions will or will not be tolerated by proponents of the brand. But it only takes a… Continue reading Neither Conservatism nor Liberalism is a Virtue

Open Letter to Pastors Everywhere

Dear Pastor: It’s wonderful that many of our local churches are so youth and child focused – for indeed the future is our younger generations. But when a creative director’s histrionics are traded for spiritual substance, when technological gimmickry become the primary means to generate (or fabricate) that “feeling” of the Holy Spirit’s presence, and… Continue reading Open Letter to Pastors Everywhere

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A 21st Century Tower of Babel

The city of Strasbourg (France) is the official seat of the European Parliament. Ever since its completion in December 1999, the main tower structure, called the “Louise Weiss” building has raised eyebrows and questions. Its promoters describe its peculiar appearance as reflective of the “unfinished nature of Europe.” It was intentionally designed to look like… Continue reading A 21st Century Tower of Babel

The Focus of all human existence is Jesus Christ

Within mere moments of mankind’s fall from grace and our exile from the Garden, we received the promise of redemption and restoration. The third chapter of the Book of Beginnings guarantees that the heel of Adam’s seed would indeed crush the head of the serpent that led them astray. And for the next four millennia,… Continue reading The Focus of all human existence is Jesus Christ

Millennials and the Church

We’ve come a long way since President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s 1961 Inaugural Address, and its most-oft-quoted phrase, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” This was not merely a clever quip for the day – it reflected the mindset of most Americans of that era,… Continue reading Millennials and the Church

Complaining about a depraved culture solves nothing

People use social media for a variety of purposes, from sharing family adventures, to selling products and ideas, to venting about politics and social issues. While each person has the freedom to do whatever they like with their personal FaceBook page, sometimes we need to be reminded that there’s a better way. One of the… Continue reading Complaining about a depraved culture solves nothing