Christianity All Over the Map


The website is focused on exploring God’s solution to every situation in life. My modus operandi My thought pattern, like the title of this blog is “all over the map.”  God gave me an inquisitive mind that yearns to understand how things (man-made and God-created) work and what drives people to think and behave the way they do.  Whenever I hear or read a fresh truth-claim, whether the source is a scholar, a politician, my pastor or a person I met at the mall, I set out to determine what, if any evidence there is for their premise.  And if someone trusts me enough to “pick my brain” about a complex subject matter, I rarely give an immediate answer.  I research the topic and (sometimes to the regret of the inquisitor) prepare and hand them an essay-like response, complete with reference material and a list of further suggested reading.

My vision Sometimes this blog will tell anyone who will listen, what God has done for me, in the hope that they will begin to believe that He wants to bless them as well.  Other times we’ll examine what God says about His plans for each of us, believer and non-believer.  Christianity touches every corner of a person’s life and God always has the best solution – if we’re willing to let Him lead us.  And still other times this blog may not be the least bit spiritual – but I’ll just talk about something that interests me.

Though I always seem to have some project in the works, it’s been a year since I published my fourth book. “A Long Way from Donetsk,” the second in my Paul Leit and Mike Trombley mystery series. It and its predecessors, “In Pursuit of God,”  “Soaring above the Storm” and “Candlemass,” are all available in print on and also on Kindle.