How Credible is the Prophetic Today?

Tattered US Flag   How do you feel about the operation of the prophetic in the Church today? As a Biblical ministry I accept it; but I tend to be a bit more skeptical when I hear someone claim they’ve received a divine word foretelling a specific future event. Such was my attitude when a former co-worker friend emailed me an audio interview by a Christian website of a previously unknown “prophet” concerning a purported five-year-old revelation about the 2016 Election. While I felt I owed it to my friend to at least listen to the premise of the prophesy, I expected to reject it well before its conclusion. Instead, at about the fifteen minute mark of the interview, I was reminded of a “vision” that a church friend of mine claimed he received while attending a 1997 Promise Keepers conference on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

I heard my church friend describe his ’97 experience first in 2008 and a few times thereafter. In this “vision” (a term I use loosely) he described being transported into the spirit realm where the hubbub of the thousands of men around him was briefly blocked out so he could clearly hear the audible voice of God. And that voice said, in essence: “I have not forgotten the United States, neither its missionary works nor its global generosity. For this reason America’s best days are yet ahead.” As America’s economy, morality and global influence have steadily declined over the past decade, my propensity to accept such an incredible word as divine revelation has followed a similar path. Many times I’ve asked myself, “How could America’s best days ever be ahead? If anything, the signs seem to indicate that judgment of our nation is at hand.”

 Yet, as I listened to this ten-year-medically-homebound and previously unknown retired firefighter named Mark Taylor discuss with TRU News founder Rick Wiles the 2011 “revelation,” I sensed that God was connecting the dots between the various messages He’s been revealing to His people across this great nation – to give us hope in very trying times.  I encourage you to make the effort to listen with an open mind to at least the first half of this hour-long interview.

As I reminded some FaceBook friends a couple days ago, I’m sure that the people of Israel were similarly skeptical when advised that the most likely candidates to be used by God for their nation’s restoration at their respective times in history were the worldly King Cyrus or the loud and boisterous King Nebuchadnezzar. And yet!!!

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