Dream Big for 2017

The gathering was small for our final Saturday Men’s Prayer Meeting of 2016 – nine to be exact – but our dreams for the coming year were BIG. As you might expect, a couple of the men’s dreams were of a more personal nature – for their immediate families had experienced great challenges over the past year. But most of the men’s dreams extended well beyond their immediate circle of family and friends, to broad visions of touching in tangible ways a world that can only be reached with GOD at the helm. Some would pooh-pooh such dreams as unrealistic and overly broad – but I know these men, and each one is not only a strong believer, but a doer, a go-getter, and a never-say-it’s-impossible fighter for the Kingdom.

It’s interesting that our Pastor’s message the first Sunday of the New Year followed this same line of thought. The foremost reason I love my local church is that her leadership dreams BIG, and in the process encourages each one of us to dream BIG as well, and provides us with the tools and training to pursue and to achieve those dreams.

Those of you who aren’t afraid of BIG dreams, I invite you to join us via your prayers to bring to fruition just four of these visions.

(1) A man with a background in broadcasting, marketing and sales sees himself as the owner and producer of a Christian radio station that reaches across the nation, to provide a consistent message totally aligned with the Word of God in the power of His Spirit.

(2) A businessman who plans to retire this year sees himself engaged full time in preaching and teaching all that God has revealed and will reveal to him about grace and love.

(3) A local church leader sees he and his wife hitting the road to present the joint message of salvation and deliverance to the masses of broken people.

(4) A former businessman and current author and Bible School instructor envisions being showered upon and filled with godly compassion and love for broken and confused people, and an innate ability to reach them through every avenue of communication available now and in the future.

Don’t be afraid to dream BIG, but be selective with whom you share your dream – for not everyone will be a supporter.