Limitations are not always a negative

    One of the Apostle Paul’s most oft-quoted declarations of faith is: “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” I believe everyone who follows and believes God’s promises should be confident to make this same affirmation. Yet, as I look back on what I refer to as my “re-fire-ment years”, I’ve come to the conclusion that not every limitation to the exercise of our choices is a negative. Some limitations (in finances, in career opportunities, in physical ability, health or talent) force one to focus on what’s most important, and make a much better decision than if one had unrestricted choice.

Though you may have built a significant financial portfolio over a long career, intending to enjoy your senior years traveling and enjoying the pleasures of the world, are you embittered when an unexpected need of one of your kids puts a damper on that plan? NOOO!!! You are appreciative of the fact that you wisely created the reserve that now enables you to help your loved ones. Though you may have intended to use the free time that retirement typically affords to write your memoirs, to play bocce ball with your buddies or to visit your out-of-state friends and family, are you embittered when those plans have to be put on hold because a grown child needs you to babysit several hours a week while they work. NOOO!!! You’re even more appreciative that you have the time to watch and enjoy and contribute to the mental and spiritual development of your grandkids.

I’m convinced that God puts these roadblocks (or better stated “perspective clarifiers”) in some of our paths to help us set our priorities and choose the most valuable use of our resources, talents and time – especially in our later years.