Open Letter to Pastors Everywhere

Dear Pastor:

It’s wonderful that many of our local churches are so youth and child focused – for indeed the future is our younger generations. But when a creative director’s histrionics are traded for spiritual substance, when technological gimmickry become the primary means to generate (or fabricate) that “feeling” of the Holy Spirit’s presence, and when panel discussions replace well-researched and anointed messages from the Pastor, you have reason to question whether something has gone seriously awry. One has to wonder if leadership is aware or even cares that wedges are being driven between Gen-Z’s and their elders who gave/give so much to lay the foundation that others seem intent on fracturing. If it’s the latter, only one thing remains to be answered: will they continue to drive out the seasoned citizen or simply wait to bury us as, one-by-one, we succumb to the adverse effects of theatrical fog and mist? Does leadership even give a wit about our health and welfare, much less our concerns about the spiritual state of the Body?