Resolutions for 2016 and beyond

New Years Resolutions   I’ve never been a beginning-of-the-New-Year resolution-maker. I’ve always felt you ought to do what you ought to do and not have to resolve each new year to become the person you should have been in the first place. But in these my sunset years perhaps there are some substantive attitudes and behaviors worth resolving to adhere to, not just for 2016 but for a lifetime. Therefore I welcome my friends and family to challenge me should I allow to lapse or sway from any of those listed below.

  1. I will use my time wisely. I will not “spend” it – rather I will “invest” it where it will produce the greatest fruit.
  2. I will seek direction from and be guided by the One who knows me and my unique needs and talents and Who is able and willing to do so.
  3. I will stay true to the Word of God and remain confident in His Promises. I will not be swayed by any of the multitude of cultural, political or religious forces that surround and tug at me.
  4. I will use my words to lift up and not deflate. We all need to be reminded occasionally that we are not failures simply because we have failed – we are only failures if we give up.
  5. I will encourage others to seek a God-solution to their problems, questions and needs.
  6. I will strive to shine a spotlight on the enemy: his finesse and subtlety, his deceptive tactics and his destructive nature.

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