Candlemass: A Paul Leit and Mike Trombley Mystery


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Police detective Paul Leit connects a death in a local hotel to an auto accident a few miles away, and a conspiracy to defraud the United States government is exposed. Is it a simple case of personal and corporate greed gone rogue, or did he happen upon an international ring of spies engaged in industrial and military espionage? Led by FBI special agent Mike Trombley, it takes a team effort of agents, the local cops, Army security, the intelligence community and even the Ontario police to unravel the mystery. Will they be able to stop the Chinese military from getting hold of it and reaping the benefits of the billions spent on its development in the U.S.? More critically, can they keep it out of the hands of the axis of evil and the terrorist network and prevent a bloodbath of NATO ground soldiers stationed in the Middle East and Africa?