In Pursuit of God: Amazing Principles of Kingdom Living


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Adherents of every other religion must “work” to reach up to their god. The God of Christianity reaches out to His human creation and takes the initiative to form a personal relationship with each one. J.D. Fleck paints a beautiful portrait of this extraordinary interaction between God and mankind in “God knows my name” and the nine other essays that constitute the book, In Pursuit of God. He calls this effort a “pursuit”, with a goal of helping each follower of Christ form a closer relationship with their Creator, Savior and Lord. Each essay is a treasure trove of truth that you can easily be completed in thirty minutes or less, but which you’ll want to read and re-read again for the importance of the gems contained therein. The knowledge garnered does not have to be strained for; for it’s God’s good pleasure to reveal the mysteries and principles of His kingdom to His kids. With the same clarity that Soaring above the Storm took us onto the spiritual battlefield of the mind and revealed both the enemy’s strategies and God’s overwhelming plan for victory, J. D. Fleck’s most current work, In Pursuit of God takes the follower of Christ through the gates of the Kingdom to produce a vibrant picture of what it means to please God and to enter “the secret place of the Most High.” In Pursuit of God might well be considered a prequel to Soaring, for it reflects the author’s more than three decades of service to the Lord, and his insight into Kingdom principles. J. D. Fleck previously shared his knowledge of the supernatural realm and spiritual warfare; now his focus is on the unconditional love and amazing grace which God has bestowed upon His faithful.