Soaring above the Storm: Practical Applications in Spiritual Warfare


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A venture into the extra-natural, the supernatural, Soaring above the Storm explores a realm that, though we may not be able to pinpoint its location or measure its breadth with scientific precision, we nonetheless “see” both negative and positive manifestations of it all around us – every day. Not only does it manifest in our natural world; but it in fact is its most compelling force. The reader’s journey will not end when he or she succeeds in seeing the unseeable. The book’s primary goal is to empower the reader to take control of their circumstances, their environment, their lives – enabling them to “make things happen” for themselves and others in all aspects of their life. This is also a work about warfare in the realm of the supernatural. What is spiritual warfare? Why is it “spiritual”? Who are we at war with? What are the weapons of our warfare? Who is the enemy? What happens to those who are captured by the enemy. And what happens when a person gets delivered from the enemy? These questions and many more are addressed and answered within the pages of this amazing book.