Thoughts as we approach the precipice of Super Tuesday

  Debate Though there are some nations that have existed for centuries, even millennia, there are none that have been as successful, as unselfish, as peaceful and which have accomplished as much good as the United States of America has in its brief 240 years. Barely ten years ago it would have been unthinkable that its run as a world leader was about to end. Yet that’s where we stand today. And as 35% of the electorate prepare to cast their votes for a nominee for President, the choices are unfortunately between various degrees of imperfect, fallible human beings.

The citizenry and media always seem to place so much faith and hope in such a man or woman. In probably the first recorded election in history, the people of Israel expressed similar expectations. When they looked out over their available candidates, who did their eyes light upon? It was the tall, handsome, muscular and fair-haired Saul. Most of us know how that turned out.

I often read on social media how some believe that this term’s choices in candidates are a reflection of God’s judgment upon this nation – that we’ll get exactly what we deserve in a leader – someone who will continue to lead us down that path to destruction. Although there is some scriptural basis for that assessment, my personal belief is that there is still hope. God can turn even the sourest grapes into the most delectable wine. But He doesn’t work in a vacuum. He expects cooperation – both from the eventual winner and from a lot of us citizenry. No longer can we ignore, if not out-right reject God’s authority and His offers to guide us out of our self-inflicted troubles. Together we must turn from our wicked ways, and back to Him.

My faith and hope is not in the man or woman that’s elected, but in the godly man or woman that they can become – if they allow Him to operate in their life. So let’s join together in prayer for that miracle change.

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