Who You quote tells a lot about You

What is your primary source for spiritual inspiration and direction? Is it your denomination’s leading newspaper or magazine? Or is it a book on the lives and teachings of holy men and women, living or deceased? Perhaps you are influenced by the teachings of the leaders and founders of other faiths – the Buddha, the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, or Mohammed. It never ceases to surprise me how “in-name-only” Christians (INOCs) so often opt for Faith Quotes from any number of religious leaders and inspirational web sites and publications to verbalize their moral position on a subject, rather than going to the source of the moral code itself – namely God’s written Word, the Bible.

Who and what a person quotes over social media tells a lot about them and their belief system. It’s clear to me that most INOCs simply have not invested the time and effort to study the Bible and the voluminous evidence (historical, archaeological, scientific and theological) which establishes it as the infallible Word of their Creator, Savior and Sovereign Lord. That’s not to say these are not “good people,” some with virtuous traits that serve their fellow man well. They’ve simply had their minds clouded by the enemies of God.

It may sound prideful that only those men and women who acknowledge the authority and credibility of the Bible have the complete Truth about right behavior and thinking, healthy living, right relationships, eternal life and the like. In reality, we had nothing to do with the revelation we’ve received – for it was only the grace and mercy of God that opened this Truth to our understanding. And it is available to any and everyone who humbles themselves and asks to receive it as a by-product of their commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

If and when a person does this, they will be in a position to test and judge every word and behavior of even the most respected leader of their denomination to determine if they align with the Word and nature of God. Of course, not everyone wants to do this – for they are comfortable remaining in darkness.